Raising of the 5th Green Flag and Celebrating 10 years as a Green School. 

Green School is an international environmental education programme designed to encourage and acknowledge whole school action for the environment. On Friday 15th April 2011, Bunscoil Bhríde, Rathangan, Co. Kildare, celebrated 10 years of working on the Green Schools' project and achieving their 5th Green Flag based on the European and Global Citizenship theme. Each year the Green Schools' Committee consists of children, parents, teachers and members of the local community. Bunscoil Bhríde runs a very successful recycling programme throughout the school. Newspapers, cans, cardboard, plastic bottles, mobile phones, ink-jet cartridges, batteries and scrap paper are recycled. The school encourages healthy lunches and collects organic materials for composting each day. 
Litter is monitored and litter collections take place once a term in areas adjacent to the school. Conserving energy and water are on-going projects. Bunscoil Bhríde promotes walking to school on Wednesdays and encourages the community to think of environmentally friendly ways of travelling to and from school and elsewhere. Bird watching is encouraged and pupils also work on planting vegetables and flowers. Over the past two years the school and community have been encouraged to think about citizenship. We are citizens of Ireland, Europe and the World. Bunscoil Bhríde promotes the idea that being a true Global Citizen means that we understand that all people have equal rights while at the same time valuing their differences. Bunscoil Bhríde also encourages the whole community to value the Earth as a precious resource upon which we all depend and of which we should take the utmost care. In December 5th class completed and presented a project on the importance of purchasing Fair Trade Products. This was one of the greatest greenest lessons we learned this year.
Bunscoil Bhríde was awarded their 5th Green Flag by An Taisce, on 10th March, at a ceremony in Croke Park.
On Friday 15th April 2011, Bunscoil Bhríde had a wonderful celebration to raise their 5th Green Flag. The day's celebration commenced with a parade of children representing the various nationalities in the school. Bunscoil Bhríde is proud to have children representing 18 countries worldwide in the school - Ireland, Poland, Nigeria, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Guatemala, Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Latvia, Belarus, Slovakia, Australia, U.S.A. and England. All classes from Junior Infants to 6th class were involved in the celebration and they sang songs in various languages. There were also dances from Nigeria, Ireland and Poland to celebrate cultural diversity in the school.
Mrs. Elizabeth Birch and Mrs. Jessica Farrell, who have been members of the Green School Committee for the last ten years, then raised the Green Flag for the school.
In attendance on the day were retired teachers from the Sister of Mercy, Sr. Oliver and Sr. Rosarii, and Mrs. Mary McConn. There were also representatives from the first Green School Committee of 2001.
A great day was had by all.

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