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Medical Emergency/Accident

In the event of an emergency or accident, a member of staff will use his/her discretion and bring your child to a Doctor/Hospital. Every effort will be made to contact you. I authorise that at their discretion a member of staff may bring my child/children to a Doctor/Hospital if an emergency arises.
Yes, I authorized
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Religion and Ethnic Background

The Department has consulted with the Data Protection Commissioner in relation to the collection of individual pupil information for the Primary Online Database. Both religion and ethnic and cultural background are considered sensitive personal data categories under Data Protection legislation. Therefore, it is necessary for each pupil’s parent/guardian to identify their child’s religion and ethnic background, and to consent for this information to be transferred to the Department of Education and Skills. All other information held on POD was deemed by the Data Protection Commissioner as non-sensitive personal data.
Roman Catholic
Church of Ireland (inc. Protestant)
Methodist, Wesleyan
Muslim (Islamic)
Orthodox (Greek, Coptic, Russian)
Apostolic or Pentecostal
Jehovah's Witness
No Religion
Other Religions
No Consent
White Irish
Any other White Background
Irish Traveller
Any other Asian Background
Black African
Any other Black Background
Other (inc mixed) Background
I consent for this information to be stored on the Primary Online Database (POD) and transferred to the Department of Education and Skills and any other primary schools my child may transfer to during the course of their time in primary school.
Please contact the school by phone if your child has any additional needs which we need to be aware of.
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