Running the length of the Canal


This week the Active School committee launched a new running initiative for this year.  We have decided to run the length of the Grand Canal.  While the Grand Canal begins in Dublin, we will start out from Sallins, County Kildare, and go all the way to the village of Shannon Harbour, in County Offaly, where the canal joins the River Shannon. Unfortunately we cannot actually run along the banks of the canal. We will be clocking up the kilometres in the school yard and marking our progress on a map. The distance we hope to cover is 105km (approx).Our first stage is to run from Sallins to Robertstown which is nearly 14km.  Some of the junior classes have already started and are adding up their laps to make kilometres. 

We would like to recommend that all families buy a skipping rope either before or after our upcoming skipping workshop. The girls will learn new skipping skills and it would be great if they could go home and teach everybody else how to do these. Skipping is one of the best exercises that we can all do to stay fit and have fun!




Update from the Active Schools' Commitee 


The Active School Committee is busy keeping the wheels of our active school turning. We are happy that all students are building up the amount of time spent on active pursuits. In school the waiting time in lines is now active time, with lots of hopping, stretching and jumping on the spot. The girls in the senior yard are encouraged to 'Talk and Walk' during their break times. All classes are enjoying active homework on a more regular basis, which we hope the whole family can get involved in.
The whole school enjoyed a morning or an afternoon of dance at the recent Céilí Mór during Seachtain na Gaeilge. Many thanks to Carmel Summers for her tremendous help. It was a bustling, colourful and fun filled occasion.
At a recent meeting we decided that we need to encourage all students and staff to keep working on their stamina and fitness in order to be ready for our 'Big Day', the 5k fun run. With this in mind, and building on the success of our 2½ k run on 9th March, we decided to hold another fun run. On the 4th of April all classes took part in a 3K run. It was a great success. The big 5k run will now take place in the middle of May. If we keep up the training we should all be ready by then! The children train by running laps of the yard. This is hard work and not a very exciting 'route'. Below we have a running route that covers 5 kilometres and would be a lot more interesting to do. As the weather improves and the evenings get longer, please consider running /walking this route with your family. Fitness is for the whole family.
5K Route. 
Start in church yard, run up to pedestrian crossing at old post office. Continue up the town past Sorrento keep left and continue up to Temple Mills.
Continue along new road at Temple Mills back down by Garda barrack and around by Day Care Centre.
Run back up by Boy's School (Old entrance) and take left and continue around the lock, by Secondary School and back over bridge and back down to Church Car Park.

On Tuesday the 3rd of April we took part in our 3k fun run. Junior Infants to Second Class ran an amazing 24 laps of our school yard, while 3rd to 6th Class ran 7 laps of the football pitch. Everyone tried very hard and we can see that all our training is paying off! We are really looking forward to our 5k run in May.


We celebrated Seachtain na Gaeilge in style with our annual céili. We got lots of exercise and had a great day!

Following on from an item on RTE's Nationwide programme, we have introduced 'Active Archie' to our school. We actually have quite a few Active Archies and a 'Sporty Spotty' in various classes! The children are all very keen to bring these new friends home and get them to share in all the sporting activities that take place outside of school. 

3rd and 4th Class have started Gaelic footbal training with Ms. Moolick, Ms. McIntyre and Ms. Hynes. Ms. Moolick was part of the Kildare Intermediate football team that won the All-Ireland last year, and she is putting the girls through their paces. She reckons that there are a lot of talented footballers among the bunch - and she knows a good footballer when she sees one!

We are very busy training for our 5km run which will take part in the spring. All classes are trying to build up stamina by running laps of the yard!

On Thursday 9th of February we successfully completed our 2.5 Km run. It was tough but we felt great afterwards and we are really looking forward to our 5Km run now! The junior girls did their run on the yard, while the senior girls went to Rathangan G.A.A pitch to do theirs. Well done everyone and keep up the good work!

Well done to the 6th Class girls who completed their first 5 Km in training on Friday 2nd of December.

Even the staff are getting into the Active Flag Spirit. In February, They took part in 'Action for Life' training in the hall after school.


We grab every opportunity that we can to keep moving and even lining up in the yard is now an opportunity to do some exercises with the introduction of 'Active Lines' . Every day we do different exercises before going back to class. Even the teachers join in!

  • Monday: Jumping Jacks & Running on the spot
  • Tuesday : High Knees & Mountain Climbers
  • Wednesday: Squats & Skipping (without the ropes)
  • Thursday : Basketball shots & Running on the spot
  • Friday : Hula Hoop (without the hoop) & High Knees


Infants to 6th Class had a fantastic time taking part in Irish dancing for six weeks this year. A huge thank you to Carmel who came to teach us! We got lots of great exercise and brushed up on our dancing skills.

This term, 4th and 5th Class have been taking part in swimming lessons. Every Friday they travel to Portarlington pool by bus. 

We recently went on our Annual Halloween spooky walk. We got great exercise by walking briskly up the town and back again.

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