Concerts 2017/18

I would like to sincerely thank all of you for coming out in such huge numbers to support  our four nights of school concerts this year. We were treated to three nights of top-class entertainment in December, with Ms. Coughlan’s Third Class, Ms. Smeaton’s Fourth Class and Ms. De Faoite’s Fifth Class performing on  Tuesday 5th December, Ms. Fogarty's and Ms. Beary's First Class, Ms. Collum's Second Class and Ms. McIntyre's Third and Fourth Class on Tuesday 12th December and Ms. Ryan's First and Second Class and Ms. O'Halloran's Sixth Class on Thursday 14th December. Our three infant classes; Ms. Ruttledge's Junior Infants, Ms. Kelly's Junior and Senior Infants and Ms. Rowley's Senior Infants took to the stage on Thursday 15th March. All classes put on tremendous performances and were met with huge applause from our huge audiences on all four nights. Well done to the teachers who put in a tremendous amount of preparation for the concerts and of course to all our girls who have been dazzling us with their wonderful singing and acting skills. 

€2264 was the total amount raised over the four nights. €250 of this has gone to Special Olympics Ireland and the balance will go towards the purchase of guided readers for the school. Your support as always is greatly appreciated. Photographs of our concerts can be viewed below.



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