Active Schools Week 2019

The Active School Committee was very pleased with our busy Active School
week, which took place from Monday 8th April to Thursday 11th April.
Lots of people helped to make it a success. Many thanks to Carol Byrne, Meadbh
Byrne and Dawn Dempsey who did football training with most of the students in
the school on Monday, to Gráinne of Leinster Rugby who organised  tag-rugby
training for children from first to third class and to Cheryl Corrigan for her
Ballet class. A huge thank you must go to the fantastic Transition Year students
from Árd Scoil Rath Iomgháin who proved to be super instructors and wonderful
role models for our girls. They also organised a football blitz for all of the girls
from fourth to sixth class in the G.A.A. field. Last but not least, the committee
want to thank Mary, Ann, Evelyn, Laura, Catríona, Nigel and all the teachers who
put in an amazing amount of work to keep all the balls in the air. We all had a lot
of fun.
We would not have had such a wonderfully active and enjoyable Active Schools
Week were it not for the fabulous organisation, dedication and hard-work put in
by the excellent Active Schools Committee. Well done everyone! Let's keep the
activity going!


Click here to see some photos.

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