Fortnightly Bulletin 5th September 2019


Dear Parents / Guardians,

We hope all is well with you this fortnight. Our news is as follows:


  • Welcome: Welcome back to all our existing parents. We look forward to meeting with you and working closely with you again during the year ahead. We would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new parents who are joining the Bunscoil Bhríde school community for the first time. We look forward to getting to know you and your child.


  • Home-School Partnership: We strongly value the support of parents in helping us to realise the potential of each and every child in our care. In order for us to achieve this goal, it is vital that parents work alongside the teachers and help to support the work being done at school. Checking and signing your child’s homework, regularly listening to reading, checking sounds/tables etc. and most importantly, speaking positively to your child about school and its importance will be of enormous benefit to your child. We recommend that you take a look at the “Help My Kid Learn” website, developed by the National Adult Literacy Agency for parents of children aged 0 – 12 years. The purpose of the website is to provide fun activities that parents can do with their children, to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. In an effort to get to know your child, all teachers will be distributing a short questionnaire about your child in an effort to gain a head-start in getting to know her. Should you have any queries about your child’s progress or any concern or query during the year, please do not hesitate to contact the school to arrange an appointment with your child’s teacher. We look forward to developing a strong partnership in your child’s education.   


  • Late Arrivals/Early Departures: For health and safety reasons we require parents/guardians to sign out their child should the child need to leave the school building during the day for any reason, e.g. dentist, medical appointments, etc.  Signing out should be done by the parent/guardian taking the child out of school and upon her return. Children arriving late to school must also be signed in. This is to ensure that everyone in the building is accounted for on a daily basis should an emergency situation arise. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. This sign in/out folder is kept outside the office just inside the main entrance.


  • Absences: Under the Education Welfare Act 2000, where a child is absent from school on a school day, the parents must notify the school of the reasons for such absence. We require parents to send in a note to the school (to be given to the class teacher) on the day the child returns to school following the absence. For children with homework journals (1st – 6th), blank notes are available to the rear of the journal. Teachers retain these notes and record the absences on our pupil administration system. We are required under the Act to notify Túsla of any child being absent for 20 days or more. Our student administration system automatically sends texts to parents reminding them of this when a child reaches both 10 and 15 days of cumulative absences.


  • Coming to school: Reminder – we are not responsible for children before 9am. You are asked to drop your child(ren) to school as close to 9am as possible. We will provide supervision for children and open the school on wet mornings at 8.50am. There is no supervision or shelter for children before 8.50am and we would ask that you do not drop them off before this time.


  • Reminder: No medicines are allowed at school. If your child has a medical condition for which medicine/inhaler etc. must be administered, please contact the school, as Board of Management approval must be granted for this. Please see our administration of medication policy at for more information.


  • Cuts: We will routinely apply plasters to cuts. It is the responsibility of parents to notify the school in writing (for the attention of the principal) if they do not wish for plasters to be applied to their child (e.g. if the child is allergic to plasters).


  • NUT  ALLERGIES: We have a number of children in the school with severe nut allergies. Children are therefore not allowed to bring nuts or any products containing nuts into the school. This includes peanut butter, chocolate spreads etc. We ask parents to be vigilant in this regard, as any contact with nuts for these children can be potentially lethal.


  • Infant Induction Meeting: Ms. Feeney, our Junior Infant teacher will hold a short meeting with parents of the new Junior Infants next Wednesday, 11th September at 11am. The purpose of the meeting is to inform parents of the teaching approaches that will be used and the content that will be taught in Junior Infants. This will give parents the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher, voice any questions they may have and get some ideas as to how they can support their child’s learning at home. We would expect all parents / guardians to attend if possible. Pupils will be supervised by another teacher for the period of the meeting. Home-time for Junior Infant pupils will move to the permanent time of 1.40pm from the following day; Thursday 12th September.


  • Parents of Infant children: As you can imagine, teachers have to be extremely cautious at the gate when releasing children into the care of adults. If your child is being collected at 1.40pm by another adult that is not you, or by the crèche, please write a note to the class teacher informing her of this.


  • New staff: I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new teachers; Ms. Deborah Coughlan, Ms. Ellen Gorman, Ms. Eimear Millane and Mr. Micheāl O’Sullivan to our staff. They are teaching Sixth Class, Second Class, First Class and Third Class respectively. I would also like to welcome our new caretaker, Camillus Donoghue.


  • Football: Football training commenced this week and will run weekly on Tuesdays from 2.40pm to 3.30pm. All pupils from Third to Sixth Class are welcome to attend. Pupils must have gum shields in order to take part. I want to sincerely thank Ms. Feeney and Ms. Collum, who are volunteering their time to coach the football team again this year.


  • Headlice: Please check your child(ren)’s hair on a regular basis for headlice, treat where necessary and please inform the school if you have found headlice in your child’s hair so that we can inform the parents of the other children in the class. Long hair must be tied up in school. With all parents following the regular checking routine, we will hopefully minimise the chance of children in the school getting headlice.


  • Hand-drying: All children are required to have a small towel (face-cloth) in school each day, in order to dry their hands after hand-washing. This towel should be placed in a small toilet bag, which should be kept in the school-bag. This will facilitate frequent changing of the towel at home, which will be necessary to ensure germs do not become an issue. Hand soap will be available in soap dispensers in the toilets.


  • Tin Whistle classes: All children from 2nd to 6th classes recommenced their tin whistle lessons with Annette Randles this week. These lessons are fully funded by the Board of Management and are, as such provided free of charge to the children It’s wonderful to hear the children play the tin whistle so well and see them derive such enjoyment from it. We would ask you to continue encouraging them to practise regularly at home.


  • Oral Language: The theme for the month of September is ‘Sentence Structure and Tenses’. All classes will be focusing on this theme for the month and we would ask that you support us at home, by encouraging and modelling use of full sentences and correct tenses.


  • Contact Form: All pupils received a ‘Contacts’ slip today. We would ask that you fill out this slip today with your up-to-date contact details and return to the school tomorrow. If any of your contact details change during the year, please inform the office immediately.


  • School Closure: We have just been instructed by the Department of Education and Skills to close on Friday 10th January 2020 to facilitate whole-staff in-service in the new Primary Languages Curriculum. I have attached our new, updated school calendar to reflect this. Our calendar is also available to view on our school website


  • Parking: Our car-park is a busy place and we would ask that you exercise extreme caution upon entry and that you adhere to our car-parking rules. We would appeal to parents and anyone who drops children to school or collects them, not to park in the yellow box, in the wheelchair parking spaces or between the wheelchair parking spaces. Parking is in a single row alongside the Noone Engineering wall and in THREE ROWS along the middle white lines ONLY. Please see the plan of the car-park attached to this email. This plan is also located on the main noticeboard at the gate of the school.


  • School website: Please check out our school website It contains lots of information about what’s going on at Bunscoil Bhríde and lots of photos of the events that take place. Photos of the new classes will be added shortly.


  • Sacraments: Fr. Kemmy has just announced the dates for the sacraments this year. Confirmation will take place on Saturday 8th March at 12pm and First Holy Communion will take place on Saturday 9th May at 12pm.


  • Parents’ Association: The next Parents’ Association meeting will take place in the school on Tuesday next, 10th September at 7.30pm. All parents are welcome to attend and we look forward to welcoming some new members.



Kind regards,

Maria Rogerson

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