6th Class trip to the Rath

Our Tour of Rathangan
On Thursday the 9th of June, Ms.Costello and Ms.Ryan's sixth class went on their amazing heritage trip around Rathangan. Our tour guide for the day was the wonderful Mrs.Lawlor, who told us all about the town of Rathangan. I would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs.Lawlor for giving up her day to tell us about our town.
We started our walk at our school and then walked down to Centra. Mrs. Lawlor told us that before Centra came to Rathangan, it used to be a cinema, after that it was a dance hall and we found out it once was also a furniture factory. We saw a lot of Georgian buildings. A Georgian building has three storeys, a fan over the door, 12 panes pf glass on the bottom and six at the top. We saw the site of Rathangan Castle which now has a lodge built there.
After a while we headed up to the Protestant Church and the old graveyard. There we saw the grave of Boyle Spencer and John Doorley, who died in 1798. We also saw the grave of Thaddeus Doorley, the father of John Doorley, who died when he was 126. Then we all did some grave rubbings using crayon, paper and washing up liquid. We found out that Boyle Spencer was a just landlord and always treated everyone fairly.
Then we went up to the Rath and learned that the O'Connor chieftains of Offaly used to live there. They had a moat around it. When we ran up a hill there was a very lovely and generous surprise left there by Joe Cross and Aideen Behan. There was a table full of lollipops, crisps and fizzy drinks for us to have while we were looking at the beautiful views of the Rath and around Rathangan
My favourite part of our tour was getting to see Mrs.Lawlor again and learning all the things that I didn't know about Rathangan. I really enjoyed that day. It was an amazing experience.
By Shannon Hynes.

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